Displaying Extra Fields using “if” statements

If anyone else wants to accomplish something similar, I just figured it out. The extra field number needed to be used in “if”statement as well.

Go to cart442\skin\common_files\modules\Extra_Fields, and open product.tpl.

just test the following code:

$Id: product.tpl,v 1.1 2010/05/21 08:32:20 joy Exp $
vim: set ts=2 sw=2 sts=2 et:
{if $extra_fields[0].active eq "Y" && $extra_fields[0].field_value}<tr>
<td colspan="2">{$extra_fields[0].field_value}</td>

{if $extra_fields[0].active eq "Y" && $extra_fields[0].field_value}
<strong>{$extra_fields[0].field}:</strong> {$extra_fields[0].field_value}
{if $extra_fields[1].active eq "Y" && $extra_fields[1].field_value}
<strong>{$extra_fields[1].field}:</strong> {$extra_fields[1].field_value}

and choose what you like.