How to delete Zen-Cart un-approved Product Reviews in Bulk?

If there are so many spam products reviews, we can not delete them one by one. We will spend a lot of time if we do so. We can using mysql command to delet the spam or un-approved zen-cart reviews in bulk.

The product review id is save at 2 tables: reviews and reviews_description, the review status is save in pres_reviews, if the status is “0”, it means the review is not approved yet. And the reviews details is saved in reviews_description.

We can use the following mysql command to delete all un-approved reviews:
delete aaaa_reviews,aaaa_reviews_description from aaaa_reviews,aaaa_reviews_description where aaaa_reviews.reviews_id=aaaa_reviews_description.reviews_id and status="0";

Note: here aaaa_ is the mysql databases table prefix.