How to import extra big data to mysql databases?

I have a mysql database, about 8 GB, and i have tried several types to import it to mysql databases, such as bigdump, phpmyamdin…, all faile. Finally I found a way successfully. I am very glad to share this with all phper.

1. Run DOS command;
2. Go to the folder that contains mysql.exe. Mine is under F:xampp/mysql/bin, so I run the following DOS commands:
cd xampp/mysql/bin

3. Use the folloing command to run mysql, at the same time to import the big data to mysql database. Before you do this, please creat a new database, just run:
mysqladmin -u username -p create newdatabase
after this, run:
mysql -u username -p newdatabase < olddbdump.sql here my old sql data is under F:/xampp/htdocs/username.sql, so i run: mysql -u username -p new_database_name < F:/xampp/htdocs/username.sql done! If you want to backup the extra big mysql database, you can run the following: mysqldump -u username -p -v olddatabase > olddbdump.sql
or try:
mysqldump -u username -p olddatabase > olddbdump.sql