Zen-Cart Homepage Shows “Sorry, the product was not found.”

Today I found a funny thing, when I visit www.bestpriceglasses.com,  the site shows: “Sorry, the product was not found.”, at the same time, the homepage jump to a detailed product page, the url is: bestpriceglasses.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&products_id=35.

But when I visit www.bestpriceglasses.com/index.php or www.bestpriceglasses.com/index.htm, every thing shows properly.

I still do not the exact reason, but I found a simple method to let www.bestpriceglasses.com show properly. We can use .htaccess to let  products_id=35 jump to index.php. Just add the following two lines to .htaccess.

RewriteCond %{QUERY_STRING} products_id=35 RewriteRule (.*) http://www.bestpriceglasses.com/$1? [R=301,L]